Fraud Charges

A criminal conviction changes your life forever. We’re here to protect your future!

If you or a loved one stands accused of a crime, including fraud charges, you are entitled to a Tucson Criminal Defense Attorney who can represent you throughout the legal procedures. From arraignment through to the trial or appeal, learn how attorney Cornelia Wallis Honchar can help you fight fraud charges.

Tucson Criminal Defense Attorney for Fraud Charges

Attorney Cornelia Wallis Honchar works out of a Tucson law office, but accepts clients from Pima County, Arizona as well as the greater Tucson area. The attorney speaks English and French to best serve her clients.

Attorney Cornelia Wallis Honchar travels wherever she is needed to fight for her clients. Attorney Cornelia Wallis Honchar defends against all manner of fraud charges, including check and credit card fraud, internet fraud, charity fraud, identity theft, pyramid schemes, auto insurance fraud, homeowners’ insurance fraud, renters insurance fraud, or health insurance fraud.

With over 39 years of experience working in criminal defense, Attorney Cornelia Wallis Honchar understands how to mount a compelling defense for all types of criminal matters, including fraud.

How a Fraud Charges Defense Attorney Can Help You

The attorney knows that a felony conviction can make life extremely difficult. Not only can Arizona residents receive a lengthy prison sentence, they will face lifelong challenges after release. Felonies must be reported on job applications and housing applications, so convicted felons often struggle to find a safe place to live or a well-paying job. To increase the odds of beating the charges, you need an attorney fighting for your rights.

When you stand to lose your normal life if found guilty of fraud, don’t you deserve to have every possible weapon at your disposal to get the charges dismissed or reduced? While no attorney can promise you a specific outcome, Attorney Cornelia Wallis Honchar always fights tirelessly for her clients. This means the attorney will spend the time with you to explain the charges and your options, work to mount an aggressive defense that challenges the prosecution’s story, and coach you and your witnesses on how to testify to support your story.

Contact Attorney Cornelia Wallis Honchar today to discuss your circumstances and learn how the Tucson fraud lawyer can help. To speak with Attorney Cornelia Wallis Honchar, please call 520 882 0191.

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